“Great experience with Mountain West Dermatology Aesthetics! I went in with some sun damage and Erin Larson walked me through the process, answered all my questions, and put me at ease. She was also a great support post-treatment, walking me through after-care processes and recommending some best practices to preserve my new and improved skin. It is 100% worth the drive to see Erin if you reside outside the Grand Valley.” IO

"Haley is AMAZING. I was SO nervous to try something new with my skin but she made me feel so assured & gave me THE BEST chem peel. My skin INSTANTLY felt a relief & I will go back religiously! You have to give her a try, she’s life changing!" EF

"I can't thank you enough for doing what you do. I will always be grateful for your work. I can now get rid of the piles of lipstick I bought to camouflage that venous lake on my lip! You did a fantastic job! Thank you so very much!” DW

"This is a very fun group of professionals who have a great sense of humor and will take great care of you!” BM

“Haley is great! I had miraDry done. No deodorant could cut the problem under my underarms. Haley made me feel comfortable through the entire procedure. I would recommend to anyone with or without a sweat and odor problem.” AL

“Jennifer Madrill, CLS, LE is super good at what she does. Very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. I highly recommend her aesthetic services.” ACN

"Amy Paul offers great products and I don't feel like I'm always trying to be sold something. Rachel at the front desk is always ready to help and a wealth of information. I recently met with Erin for a consultation and I look forward to working with her." VCD

“Just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for the miraDry treatment! My self confidence has improved now that I don’t stress sweat in front of clients. I’ve really enjoyed no deodorant, no smell, no sweat, and very little hair left. It’s just amazing! Your service was top notch as always and worth the 170 mile drive. I’m so proud of your practice and will refer people for many years to come! Thanks again and keep up the good work!” KW

“Friendly, kind, knowledgeable staff! I feel welcome when I walk in and I know I can call in the days following an appointment to ask any questions that might arise. Nice product selection with no high pressure to purchase. And, It looks like I have high cheekbones again...I thought they were lost forever!” LC

“My son’s acne has cleared up tremendously! So much so that he is more motivated to take care of his skin at home. Other parents are noticing how clear his skin is and asking what we are doing differently!” KD

"I trust you implicitly. I could go to numerous other places in town, and I still choose you after all these years because you never steer me wrong. I always have a great outcome and you are full of knowledge. Thankful to have you here in GJ.” CB

“The FemiLift has changed my life! A few of my daily concerns I now don’t even have to worry about. Never thought that was possible until you! It really has been remarkable for me. THANK YOU!” AT

"Erin your work is AMAZING! I love the outcome every time. You have changed my skin completely since I first saw you. I didn’t think it was possible. You do BEAUTIFUL work and you have a beautiful soul! I appreciate you!” RC

“I am so happy I met you Erin! I have dealt with this embarrassing redness on my face for so long. I wish I would’ve come in sooner but after having treatment done elsewhere and it not helping, I was skeptical. Now I don’t even need foundation!” CH

"Thank you for this amazing consultation Haley. I finally found my people! Everyone is nice, professional, and knowledgeable. I love not only the location, but this building! It's very welcoming walking in here." DV

"I’m getting ready to go to dinner with friends and I keep looking at my face in the mirror and I’m in awe! I feel more BEAUTIFUL and look YOUNGER than I did when I was in my early 30’s. Thank you so much Erin! You have helped me more than you will ever know.” EH

“Thank you for your PROFESSIONALISM and depth of KNOWLEDGE. Additionally, I am incredibly excited about the fast, noticeable results I’ve experienced after only two of the six treatments I’ve undergone. I’m shouting your services from the rooftops to all of my girlfriends!” AS

“Invest in services and products that your own physician would use. I trust the results I can see in other people. This is a really unique practice and I highly recommend it. Dr. Paul is sincere and conscientious of your desires and expectations. She gives honest and helpful advice. The practice has a very comfortable atmosphere and they don’t rush anything or up-sell you on anything you don’t need.” KVD

“I feel so special being a patient here! It’s not every day that you find an office with highly specialized professionals that are also genuine and compassionate with their patients! On top of that, this facility is beautiful and unlike anything in the Valley!” VM

“Haley is WONDERFUL and HIGHLY TALENTED! Thank you for the beautiful job you did with mine and my daughter’s dermaplaning treatments.” DD

“My skin is looking the best it has in years just by following your skincare regimen and getting my consistent microderm treatments! I will always do exactly what you instruct me to do because you are the expert! Thank you!” CB

“I just want to let you know that hands-down this is the best practice I’ve ever been to. The girls treat me nice and with respect. The doctors are all amazing and so are the billing staff. I’ve been in the medical industry for a long time and this place is A+, number 1!” RW

“Erin, you have changed my whole life! By giving me these results with my skin, it has boosted my CONFIDENCE entirely. I’ve even started working out more!
I have abs! These abs are because of you! I feel 10 years younger. Thank you!” KS

“I will be letting everyone know how AWESOME Erin is and what she has done for me. I left feeling educated on what was going on, what was going to happen, and with honest results and answers. Erin is such a PROFESSIONAL and she cares about results and what is going on with the skin. I am going to be yelling from the mountain tops! SO EXCITED! ” KM

“ I loved my last laser treatment. My red dot on the end of my nose that I was so self-conscious about is completely gone and my cheeks are a lot less red. I love it! Thanks for being so fantastical and talented at your job!” C.E.

“I have been skeptical of laser treatments due to a previous bad experience. I decided to go ahead with the FemiLift procedure with Erin and my feelings have changed! I have had such a positive experience and great results that I trust Erin to do treatments on my face. I cannot express just how amazing Erin is. She is a true healer, an artist, and an absolute gift from God. She has been put on this earth to do this work.” PK

“Hey gal, my husband and I are still in Phoenix and I just met up with some long-time friends. Twice they said, ”How are we getting older and you are getting younger?” THANKS ERIN! I love the change and it’s all because of you!” JN

“I am so so happy with everything Erin! It’s a world of difference!” K.M.

“I thought laser was going to be short term results, but it has been just the opposite! The one treatment I’ve had with you every two years has done more for my skin than I could’ve imagined. Initially I assumed there would be a lot more involved to keep up the results and I love that there’s not. Thank you Erin for educating me how to achieve good skin for life!” K.S.

“At 79, I still care about my skin! I don’t like wearing foundation but I’ve had to in effort to cover these spots for years. I am pleasantly surprised it didn’t hurt during treatment! I am excited to have all of these brown spots on my face gone! I am loving my skin again and I can’t believe what a great experience this was. Thank you Erin.” D.S.

“Thank you Erin these treatments really have changed my life. It’s the best thing I have ever done for myself. I appreciate your professionalism and I’ve enjoyed getting to know you!” B.C.

“I am so pleased to know that my very own Dr. Paul offers FemiLift and I didn’t have to drive to Denver to have this done! I am thrilled with the experience and knowledge from Erin Larson as well. You made everything very comfortable and easy during my treatment! Thank you!” B.G.

“I recently had a skincare consultation and microdermabrasion. I was nervous about both. From a skincare standpoint, I was embarrassed at the mis-matched, over-the-counter approach I had been using. I was also worried that the microdermabrasion would be very uncomfortable based on over-the-counter products and tools I had tried in the past. My skincare professional was not judgmental at all about my skincare routine and was able to provide some great education on what I could do differently. She put together a very budget friendly skincare regimen for me to try (after my current products run out). The microdermabrasion was so relaxing it nearly put me to sleep. My skincare professinal talked me through each step in the process and my skin looks great and feels so amazing! The staff at MWDA is so professional, knowledgeable, and caring.” M.B.

“Will definitely be sending some people to you guys! Loved the results of my laser treatment from Erin for sun spots, skin rejuvenation and firming. It did more than I expected for my skin! Hello glowing skin and I was really impressed with her knowledge! Knowing that Erin works with Dr. Paul makes this THE skin care dream team! The best Botox, laser and skin care all in one clinic makes me happy.” B.H.

“My skin looks soft and pretty after that Rejuvapen! I definitely want to do another one. You are so good at what you do!” B.N.

“Best birthday present my hubby could’ve ever gotten me is this miraDry treatment. It has made a world of difference for me over the last year! No more sweating 24/7, no more ruining clothes, I don’t have to shave my underarms since the hair is gone and I wasn’t sure if I could ever go without deodorant, but I simply don’t need it anymore!” K.S.

“Erin you are an artist! You have transformed my skin over the last 7 months. I love these wrinkles going away, pores are smaller and for the first time in 30 years, my face isn’t red. Until recently, I never thought I would feel comfortable going out in public without foundation.” C.B.

"Worth the drive from Denver. Thank you for everything you’ve done to help me! I’ve had different problems with my skin for as long as I can remember. Glad I took a chance on your laser treatments. Now I’m 50, and people notice how much better my skin is."

“Erin you are like my angel. I can deal with aging, but I cannot deal with this dark hair on my face. The laser hair removal treatments you have done on my face have helped me get my confidence back. Thank you for helping me.” L.P.

"The FemiLift Laser Procedure is the best thing I’ve ever done! After two kids, I have struggled with some incontinence especially during workouts. I am a young mom, and thinking this was something I would deal with for the rest of my life bothered me. All of the benefits from this treatment are more than I expected! My husband was surprised at the difference with rejuvenation (he was admittedly a skeptic) and everything is better than ever. Truly amazing that there is no pain or down time and only take 15 minutes! Thanks again!" S.F.

"Erin you are amazing at what you do! I am so thankful for you. The treatments you have done on my face in the last 9 months have changed my life. The redness has improved more than I expected. You boost my confidence, and when I think I need all of these other things done on my skin that I don’t really need, you are honest and don’t take advantage. You are genuine and I appreciate it so much." K.S.

"I am a busy 28 year old full time working mom and wife. Thanks to Erin’s help with treating the Port Wine Stain on my face, and guiding me with using a sunscreen that I LOVE every day, I got the compliment of my life last week! A woman thought I was 19 years old! I told her it was because my laser specialist taught me how to take care of my skin! Overall my skin has improved so much in the last 6 months that I don’t need foundation anymore! Thanks Erin!" S.H.

"Thank you for everything Erin!  I am so glad I signed up for the Rejuvapen treatments. I love the products, too.  What you’ve done for me has been life changing."

"Dr. Paul is the most professional doctor I have ever met.  I want everyone to know how wonderful and smart she is.  I will never go to another dermatologist."  L.B.

"I am always so pleased with the care Dr. Paul provides." S.H.

"Erin I want to thank you for doing such a great job treating my spider veins. I’m so excited to be wearing shorts and dresses again! Can’t believe I waited so long to do this! Best thing I’ve done for myself. Thank you for helping me get my confidence back."

"The quality of care from Dr. Paul is so awesome! She is so considerate and I appreciate her willingness to work me in!"

"Dr. Paul pretty much saved my life and that I’m actually able to live a normal life."

"I am so thankful to Erin and Dr. Paul for caring about me as a patient and not just the money. You were so nice during my Botox and Juvederm appointment, you helped me with my cosmetic insecurities and I feel so comfortable now." J. C.

"I am extremely thankful for the laser hair removal treatments, Erin has done for me. I have my confidence back and it has made such a big difference in my everyday life." K.P.

"To both Dr. Paul and Erin, thank you for making my skin glow for my daughter’s wedding! I truly felt beautiful! My loved ones have noticed the big improvement and I enjoy the compliments! I wanted you to know how happy I am with your services." N.H.

"Dr. Paul is absolutely wonderful and I think the world of her!" R.R.

"Dear Dr. Paul, it is important for new people in the community to experience confidence and comfort when receiving professional health care service for the first time with a new doctor. You and your staff have been exceptional in providing this for our dermatology needs! My wife and I love the full range of services at the clinic- making it convenient for any appointments we have with you!"  C & S.H.

"The difference in my skin is remarkable. I had treatment done elsewhere before and didn’t see any results.  I spent years in the sun growing up and never thought at my age I could be this happy with my skin!  Thank you Erin Larson!"  R.S.

"Dr. Paul is wonderful and I am so thankful that she is here.  She is very confidence inspiring"!  R.C.

"Dr. Paul possesses outstanding knowledge and skill. Her dedication to her patients and her compassion are evident.  I am delighted to be one of her patients!"  M.Y.

"I am a huge fan of Erin Larson and am so pleased she is with the Mountain West Dermatology team. I went to her concerned with sun damage and aging. During the consultation, Erin took the time to really listen to me and make very informed recommendations. We decided that a Pixel Perfect laser resurfacing was the best path. On the day of my appointment, I was treated in a very professional manner. Erin took her time with the procedure. She explained everything, answered all of my questions and I did not feel rushed. The front staff helped me with financing. I am so pleased with the results. My skin looks and feels amazing thanks to Erin!!!" L.H.

"There is no other certified laser specialist that I trust for any skin care service. Not only is Erin gifted and passionate about what she does, but she is very honest and keeps up to date  with the industry which I find is a rarity. Thank you for all that you do Erin!" H.G.

"Thank you Erin for removing my tattoo! It has bothered me for years. I am happy knowing it’s completely gone now and no one can even tell there was anything there!" C.G.

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